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A little History of how "Happy Days" was born

Hello there my friends, here is a little history of my life as an entertainer, and how "Happy Days" was born :


We need to go back in time, when I was only 3 years old..... my dad put me on top of a table and said to his friends: "listen to my son singing" and for the first time I had my first audience applauding, and my dad feeling proud :-) that was my START as an entertainer......

My dad went on teaching me how to play accordion, guitar, drums, bass, and soon enough few years later I put together my first group and I called it " NUOVA ERA" which means "New Era" now remember I am in Sicily (Italy), and I am playing guitar (not keyboard yet) I am 10 years old.

After a few years I joined a very popular band IN ITALY, called "Onda 71", which means "Wave 71" (don't forget I am still in Italy) and I am 14 years old. I was a guitar player for many years.....Then I came in the USA 1977 and right away a started a group called "The Second Generation" (I am 18 years old), and performed for few years....here I started to play keyboards.

THEN in 1983 (I am 24 years old) I was putting together a new group, and I was thinking of a name that could be easy to remember but hard to forget, and while I was watching my favorite shows on TV, "Mork and Mindy", "Laverne&Shirley", "Three's Company" and of course a show that everyone watched and loved and still remembers today, guess what show? but of course "HAPPY DAYS" remember Arthur Fonzarelli "THE FONZ" ......... Splish Splash, At the Hop, Shake Rattle and Roll etc etc. etc...... I fell in love with the name Happy Days, and that is when I decided to call my new group "HAPPY DAYS" , and I have been "HAPPY DAYS" ever since, and I will be HAPPY DAYS at least another 50 years :-) Of course it has been also a lot of work through out all these years....constantly learning songs, arranging those songs by learning everyone's part in the group and teaching it to each individual member of HAPPY DAYS , weather it was guitar, bass, drums or keyboards, assigning harmonies, lead parts, putting together shows like ELVIS, TOM JONES, TINA TURNER, THE BLUES BROTHERS, THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT and even MICHAEL JAKSON and much more, and I loved every single minute of my life that I have spent on "HAPPY DAYS"......during this time I learned a lot about "recordings" and I became a recording technician, and recorded on my own studio, "HAPPY DAYS" CDs, and also I recorded a DVD of the shows that I perform on stage. 

..And this has been a short history of my life as an entertainer, and how I came up with the name "HAPPY DAYS" .


I owe all this to the ones who brought me in this life, MY MOM who passed away May 12 2013. And I owe all this to the one who gave me the START on entertainment, teaching me, exhorting me, and constantly encouraging me since I was 3 years old ......MY DAD my very first teacher..... He passed away March 5 2013, in my own arms, while I was hugging him he breathed his last.....I love you mom and dad, and thank you sooooo much.......and I wont stop thanking the author of all this GOD HIMSELF.....thank you LORD......